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Quotes and Orders

We pride ourselves in making high quality furniture.  Part of that is determining exactly what our customers are wanting.  Please select one of the forms below and give us as much information as possible.  If you have any questions email me at chris@wwbeds.com .

For standard furniture use our Furniture Quote.

If you are wanting a Murphy bed use the Murphy Bed Quote.


Frequently Asked questions

Why is there Credit Card information on the quote?

What is the next step after the quote?

What is the down payment?

How long are quotes good for?

What is custom furniture?

How long does it take to get something built?

What type of wood do you use?

How are items priced?

What colors are stocked?

What about shipping?

How can I check the status of my item?

Can you build a project from a picture?

Do you do drawings?

How long does it take to complete?

Is my information secure?

What is you cancellation policy?



Why is there Credit Card information on the quote:  Credit card information is not needed for a quote.  Some customers, however, do know exactly what they want and just want to get the information by quote.  This was added so we could get that information on file.  No charges will be charged until we contact you first.


What is the next step after the quote:  After the quote is emailed to you.  Look it over and make sure everything is correct. If you are happy email us back letting us know and we'll get an invoice made up, get it scheduled, and talk to you about payment information.


What is the down payment:  On most items the down payment is 20%.  The balance will be due before we ship.


How long are quotes good for?  Because of changing lumber prices, quote are good for 15 days.  If it has been past that time just reply to the emailed quote and request an updated quote.  Most of the time prices stay the same. 


What is custom furniture?  Back to FAQ  Back to Top

Custom furniture is any item that we have not built or designed before.  These can be items ranging from a simple end table to an elaborate bedroom suite.  With custom furniture you pick the size, color, style, wood choice, and hardware.  Some of the items may catch our attention and we will turn them into production items, but that doesn't mean that all pieces will be the same.  Each time I build one I will change something to improve its price, style, or the way it functions.


How long does it take to get something built? Back to FAQ  Back to Top

It depends on our current schedule.  Most of the time it takes 4-6 weeks.  The actually building of most projects takes a week or less to build.  The rest of the time is for scheduling the project.  Rush orders are available at an additional charge.  If you need a current lead time or a rush quote, let us know by using our quote form. 


What type of wood do you use?  Back to FAQ  Back to Top

We mainly use oak, maple, pine, and MDF.  Even though these are our most popular, we can use any species that you want.  We can even get exotic woods.  We have built desks out of Tamo Ash from Japan and Burl Walnut.  We are not limited to anything. See a few samples on our wood link.


How are items priced?  Back to FAQ  Back to Top

Each item is priced on an individual basis.  When you email a quote form we will figure the cost of material, labor and, if needed, shipping.  This is a no obligation quote, and we will stand behind the quote for 15 days.  After that time the quote will have to be resubmitted to compensate for changes in costs.  Some items, unless noted in the quote or offer, are standard.  Such as, allowing $2.50 per drawer for hardware.  If you choose a higher priced pull, the difference is charged.  We will give you as much information as possible during the offer.  Items listed on our web site are priced as shown.  Minwax stains can be substituted at no additional charge. We can match a custom paint or stain for an additional charge of $50 per color.


What are your stock colors?  Back to FAQ  Back to Top

We use Minwax stains.  We do this because samples are available in most "Home Stores"  or from their web site, Minwax.com.  The colored lacquers stocked include our baseball Blue and Green, Racecar Red, and Barbie Pink.

If a true sample is needed, contact us and we will send one out to you.


What about shipping?  Back to FAQ  Back to Top

On smaller items and even our baseball bed we use transport companies such as UPS or DHL.  The larger items require larger freight companies.  To keep the shipping cost down, we quote on an individual basis to your zip code.  This way we can compare prices from many companies.  UPS and DHL regularly ship to your front door.  Most of the time freight companies will not deliver to your door without an additional fee (usually $60-$100).  If needed we could arrange home delivery with an installation service (we are currently working on this).  When you send your quote form be sure to inform us of your delivery and shipping preference. IMPORTANT:  Upon delivery, be sure to inspect each box and note any damage before the shipping company leaves.


How can I check the status of my item?  Back to FAQ  Back to Top

You can check the status on the Status link. This is a page  I developed so that customers can see what stage their piece is in. We try to keep this as up-to-date as possible, but sometimes we get busy building.  Please feel free to email me if the date is not current and I will be glad to bring you up to date.  We also have a Current Projects link to show you exactly what we are working on each day.


Can you build a project from a picture?  Back to FAQ  Back to Top

We can, but due to copyright laws will not build it exactly as pictured.  If you like that furniture the way it is then we suggest that you purchase it directly from that source.  However if it is a picture of something in a design book, a friend's photo, or something similar to what you want, then we can use that picture.  We can also use pictures of furniture that you already have to get the style or theme.  Send any pictures that will be helpful in the design process to chris@wwbeds.com.


Do you do drawings?  Back to FAQ  Back to Top

Yes, we do, but on quotes I usually will not send them, because of the time involved.  If you require one I could send a quick hand sketch to help with your decision.  On most cabinets, I can do a computer drawing and place it in a room setting.  For this service, we require a $60 down payment, which will be applied to the cost of your furniture.


How long does it take to complete? Back to FAQ  Back to Top

Current our lead time is 4 to 6 weeks.  We can do rush order.  Send us a quote for more information.


Is my information secure? Back to FAQ  Back to Top

Yes, That is why we don't get credit card information from our order sheet.  We also do not sell your information to anyone.  We don't even send out "Spam".


What is you cancellation policy? Back to FAQ  Back to Top

Items ordered must be canceled within five days of placing the order.  All items are custom and can not receive a full refund after the five day period.  We will do everything possible to refund as much as possible after that date, depending on amount of completion on your order..