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Some of the different hardwoods

These are the natural colors.

 Most can be tinted any preferred color with stain and/or finish.  



  • The most common wood that we use.

  • Similar to white oak only with a reddish tint. 

  • This wood is very hard with an average weight of 44 pounds a cubic foot.


  • Another very popular wood.

  • Heavy wood averaging 44 pounds a cubic foot. 

  • Also has variation usually caused by a defect such as a very popular bird's-eye maple or curly maple.  These variation are very beautiful and very pricy.


    • One of the more expensive domestic hardwoods.

    • Maple stained a cherry finish is a good substitution for this wood.

    • Average weight of 35 pounds a cubic foot. 

    • Very popular in Queen Ann styles.



  • Another common type of wood used in furniture making if different parts of the country.  We don't use type much.   

  • This wood is very hard with an average weight of 47 pounds a cubic foot.


  • Still classified as a heavy wood, averaging 38 pounds a cubic foot. 

  • A popular choice for wood carvings.

  • Usually used with a natural finish (Does not take stain well)


  • Premier furniture wood form Mexico to northern S. America

  • Moderate weight of about 36 pounds per cubic foot. 

  • Very popular in the 1700's and 1800's and now difficult to obtain.