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The new generation     

    Chris  -  Gary  -  Paul  -  David  -  Brian


Where are we?

WWBeds Custom Furniture (Parent Company)

3524 Camp Robinson Road

North Little Rock, AR  72118

(501) 753-9699


At Poggy's Kids we provide our customers quality products at affordable prices.  We will work with you through every step of the process to ensure you get the look and style you desire. 

Each piece is constructed with quality and function in mind.  This ensures your furniture will last and maintain its appearance for years.

Poggy's Kids is the sister company of Waterful Wonderbeds/Furniture Gallery.  We have received so many requests and praises for our work, that we felt compelled to devote more resources toward our children's line. 

Chris Davis, Owner and Production Manager personally does the designing and most of the building.  He is responsible for every piece that is produced at Poggy's Kids.  Chris is son of the owner, Gary, and  has been in the family business for 14 years.  Chris is a graduate of the University of Central Arkansas at Conway  and holds a bachelor's degree in business management.  He has taken courses in aircraft modification and instillation, which has proved beneficial to his woodworking skills. 

Gary Davis is the first generation owner of Poggy's Kids.  He been in business for over 25 years.  He started producing furniture in his garage and has been manufacturing quality furniture since.  Prior to that he gained quality experience building aircraft interiors. 

Brian Davis is a very skilled craftsmen.  He is brought in to do the high end projects.  His experience in aircraft has made one of the best builders around.  He has worked on projects for luxury companies, including Lexus.

Paul Davis has been with us since 1994.  He is a important part of the building team.  Along with his experience in building, Paul has become a very good color-match specialist.  His talent in the finishing department is second to none. 

Where are they now?

Jeff Davis-Jeff continues his woodworking experience, but has moved into building the interiors of high-end corporate aircraft

Larry Davis-Larry has moved to Springfield and works with Uhaul.

Curtis Davis-Curtis is still around town.  He is with ABF and has his own side business of home remodeling.

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